Circular Economy

Circular Economy


Driving circular economy through sustainable packaging

Marico is spearheading innovations in product design to incorporate sustainable packaging materials, recycled materials, and to increase recyclability of the packaging materials. Our ‘Upcycle program’ is designed to integrate the principles and key performance metrics related to circularity within our overall packaging portfolio. We aim to achieve 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, practise 3R for effective management of pre-consumer and postconsumer waste. A set of 9 opportunity levers have been established to accomplish the 2030 goal.

The key business imperatives under this area include:


Recyclable packaging material share


Recycled content in plastic packaging


PVC share in packaging material

Packaging material

Packaging material intensity

Plastic Intensity

Plastic intensity

Plastic Waste

Plastic waste neutrality – EPR compliance


Packaging material emissions intensity

marico targets


recyclable packaging

Achieve 100% recyclable packaging material share

recycled plastic i

Use recycled plastic in packaging


Success Stories

Sustainable Packaging I

Sustainable Packaging Innovation to curb emissions and combat plastic pollution

Establishing strategic alliances

Establishing strategic alliances to scale up the sustainable plastic agenda

Reducing emission by optimizing logistics footprint

Transcending beyond compliance boundaries to progress sustainable packaging goals