Purposeful Brands

Purposeful Brands

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By virtue of the organisation's core value systems, sustainable value creation is ingrained in every brand’s existence and purpose. By 2030, Marico aims to cohere the purpose, messaging, and impactbased actions of its top 5 brands by revenue with the goals and targets outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Each of the top 5 brands are gearing up to annually quantify and disclose on the sustainable impacts created every year in adherence to the relevant UN-SDGs along with its targets and indicators.

As a starting point, we conduct life cycle assessment (LCA) of our products to minimize their environmental impacts across the life cycle and thereby lowering the overall carbon footprints. A holistic science-based framework titled ‘Product Sustainability Index (PSI)’ has also been developed to integrate the critical elements of product stewardship and sustainability at evert stage of the product’s life cycle. We aim to evaluate and communicate product related performance based on the PSI framework and disclose contribution to relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Outcomes of the PSI scores from our products will also be beneficial in guiding product design, innovation and development philosophy in the long run.

The key business imperatives under this area include:

Sustainable brands

Certified sustainable/eco-friendly brands

Eco-conscious lifestyles

Enhancing consumers' understanding on eco-conscious choices and lifestyles

Eco-friendly products

Revenue share of certified sustainable/eco-friendly products

Collaborative partnerships

Long-term alliances/collaborative partnerships for sustainability initiatives

marico targets


Reduce Product Carbon

Reduce Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of products and packaging

Disclose contribution

Disclose contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 5 brands


Brand certifide

Success Stories

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Innovation to curb emissions and combat plastic pollution

Establishing strategic alliances to scale up the sustainable plastic agenda

Establishing strategic alliances to scale up the sustainable plastic agenda

Reducing emission by optimizing logistics footprint

Transcending beyond compliance boundaries to progress sustainable packaging goals